Getting started

CryptoPuppy is the first app game that you play on your phone that gives you actual crypto currency for free, just for playing.

You may have heard of Bitcoin or Ethereum right? These are called crypto currencies, or digital tokens. There are lots of them out in the world now, and some are worth a lot of money. Our token is called CryptoPuppyToken (PUP).

You get PUP tokens just by playing the game. Pup-pup will give them to you when you play with him. You will see how many you have right on the screen.

For the alpha version of the game, you can't do much with your tokens, except accumulate them. The earlier you accumulate the tokens, the easier it will be. As an Alpha tester, you definitely have the best chance to collect a huge stash of tokens. In the future, you will be able to use the tokens to buy things for Pup-pup through the app. You can also send them to other people, as well as trade them for other tokens on exchanges.

This is an optional field for now. You will need to sign up for an ethereum wallet in order to move your PUP tokens around the blockchain.

We will use our tokens to support dog shelters and animal rights groups and any cause related to helping our furry friends. In the future, you will be able to name your favorite organizations and we will donate to them.

We are just starting now, and have done no paid advertising or marketing. We know that great ideas in the crypto space spread like wildfire, and we just aren't ready for hundreds of thousands of users yet. We have in place a strict media embargo, and are refusing all media requests right now.

We have set up a few forums for this purpose:
Here is our public telegram Channel for announcements: Telegram Channel
And here is our public telegram SuperGroup for everyone to chat: Telegram SuperGroup
And for all you Alpha testers, here is our private group by invitation only: Telegram Private Chat
Please don't share this one publicly.