How to access your CryptoPuppy
Tokens with Metamask

1. Install Metamask

Go to and access the MetaMask Chrome, Firefox or Opera extensions and follow the steps to install it. After accepting terms of use and other conditions you will be prompted to set a password for your Metamask account. After this step, you will be provided with 12 seed words which you need to save and keep in secret. Congratulations you are done with installing and setting up Metamask account.

2. Add CryptoPuppy Token to Metamask

Once you have unlocked MetaMask, click on ‘Tokens’ and click on “Add Token”. For Token Contract Address set the 0x7d952579e9936b1b31e6f5c177313fe0d1629635 address. After this Token Symbol should be automatically populated with PUP and decimals of precision be populated with "18" now if that's the case press Add and you will be able to see CryptoPuppy Token in tokens list and the amount.

3. Transferring CryptoPuppy Tokens

In order to transfer PUP token you need to use a tool like: MyEtherWallet